BTSCelebsCEO featured in Episode 2 of “The Chicago Code”

I appeared in 2 scenes in this EP. I was sitting…

outside (seated on the end of the bench) when they were meeting the young man outside the Currency Exchange.

Then, they featured me as one of the many extras walking in front of the car Jarek and his partner during their daytime stakeout.

Watch Episode 2 “The Hog Butcher” for the next 29 days on FOX:

Why haven’t I shared the filming experience on “The Chicago Code”?

It’s against the rules! The episodes are still airing. If I shared my next scene…before FOX airs it…that would be a terrible spoiler for the viewing audience.

So, until then…Enjoy the show!

Image and link sources: FOX Broadcasting Company, 21 Century FOX

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2 Responses to BTSCelebsCEO featured in Episode 2 of “The Chicago Code”

  1. Nichole Angelic Jackson says:

    How do I join??

    • BTSCelebs says:

      Hi Nichole, This show is no longer airing, but there are plenty of shows filming in the Chicago area. I recommend you Google to find the best extras casting place for you. 4 Star Casting and Tail Sticks Casting are hot right now.

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