[BTSCelebs K-focus] Kim Hyun-joong’s fans take part in his official fan club

South Korean Superstar, Kim Hyun-joong, asked fans to name his new official fan club. From April 4th thru the 8th, 2011 fans from all over Asia (and the world) submitted names to be considered for KHJ’s club.

His agency,KEYEAST [soon to be United Artist Entertainment], sent a notice to fans to email them directly with their choice.

Now that the submission period is over, voting should start soon….I chose “FlOWERKISSED” (the name is a combination of Kim Hyun-joong’s solo project dramas ” Boys Over Flowers”  and “Playful Kiss”. Flowers represent beauty and fans are kissed by beauty.)

…What name did you create?

Sources: Hyun-joong.com and  @Hangtenkorea

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4 Responses to [BTSCelebs K-focus] Kim Hyun-joong’s fans take part in his official fan club

  1. Gina says:

    i really don’t know. He’s just too gorgeous and adorable, my mind goes blank!

  2. gtk says:

    i think kim hyun joong fan club should call KHJ Fellowship-club, and wherever the ship sail they are always together, the ship is leader and fellows are all his fans and they are always together to have fellowship.

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