[BTSCelebs Real-Talent Focus] Liyana’s “Dream High”

We have seen international and local celebrities covered on BTSCelebs. Hollywood, Bollywood, Gospel, and K-pop has ruled this site…now the time has come to place the spotlight on an up-and comer.

Are you in love with music?  Do you dream of becoming a recording artist?

You and our next BTSCelebs Guest share the same passion! Meet Liyana…

She is a talented singer from Malaysia that wants to obtain her ultimate “Dream High”.

Check out the newest “Dream High” girl and share your positive feedback of her fresh talent.

The video above  is courtesy of Liyana

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1 Response to [BTSCelebs Real-Talent Focus] Liyana’s “Dream High”

  1. Lyn says:

    A fresh voice from a young and talented singer! I am eager to hear more songs from this young talent! Keep up the good work!

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