[BTSCelebs Opinions] Demi Lovato

First of all ,I’m a fan of Demi. I loved “Sonny With A Chance” and I have to admit “Camp Rock 1 + 2 ” was very entertaining.

However, her latest health issues breaks my heart. I was 100% for Jomi (Joe Jonas and Demi) and when I heard about their break up it was shocking. I felt her rehab stay should remained her private business. The media had no right to report itThe emotional turmoil this young girl has been thru I can’t even pretend to imagine…..I just have one thing to say to her. God Bless You, Demi and please take care of yourself. 🙂

It will be sad not seeing her on the weekly Disney show anymore, but I’m glad Demi is doing her best to get better.

She has her faith, family, friends and fans [including me] all over the world who support her 110% ….all she needs to do is give us all “a Chance”. 🙂

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