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Check out our entire (even though its short) interview with music man extraordinaire…..Bobby Tinsley!

BTSCelebs: What attracted you to the music biz?

Bobby: I always loved to sing, so from an early age I knew I wanted to be involved in the music business someday, someway somehow. As I grew older, I really started to realize the gift that God had given me to sing and to write, and I just naturally went that direction. What a journey! 
Did you have any other goals/dreams you wanted to achieve besides music?
I was a sports guy, so playing pro sports was there in my mind for a minute! But, once I let that go, I put my focus on the arts. You know, I have always enjoyed being behind the camera as well as photography and directing, and acting and modeling are two things that I wanted to be involved in as well. I also love business, and money (haha, don’t we all!), so I am actively involved in a few different business ventures too.
How did you break into the biz?  Were you discovered?
My first big break came in 2005, one of my songs off of my first CD entitled “Page 1” ended up going No. 1 on a radio station in Florida, and that led me to releasing my first nationally charting song “Addicted”. That opened a lot of doors for me at the time, one of which was meeting and signing with BeBe Winans. Since that day I have been able to accomplish so many great things, it truly is a blessing to get to do what I love to do.
During your career, who was the most memorable celeb you toured with?
Working with BeBe was definitely one of the most memorable for me, you have to understand growing up in my house The Winans were played everyday 24/7! Performing with Carl Thomas was pretty cool as well being an R&B guy myself…that dude can sing! Honestly though, I have met and worked with so many cool people over the years, but those are two that really stand out.
The rumor online is that you got married…Is this true?
Yes! May 15th, 2011 was our 2yr anniversary 🙂 
Congrats! Tell us about your love story…How did you two meet?
We don’t have enough time here haha! WELL, the SHORT version of the story is (and let me re-emphasize SHORT) my wife Jessica lived less than 5 minutes away from my road manager in Georgia. I was coming through town on this small southeast college tour at the time, we met, started getting to know each other, and it was one of those love at first sight things…it was crazy!!!! From the moment we really began to get to know each other, we both knew hands down that we were getting married! The crazy thing is, I was never that type of person who believed in the whole “love at first sight” stuff anyway, but then it hit me in the face! Don’t get me wrong, my wife is a 10, but it wasn’t nearly as much about her looks as it was her heart. She has the most honest, sincere, hopeful eyes of anyone I have ever met. She has such an innocence about her too…I just love her to death, you are gonna have me start writing a song here if you’re not careful 😉
What are your future plans in the music biz?
Right now I am laser focused on expanding my brand, and bringing it to more of the masses here in the US. I recently just had 2 Top 10 German singles, and I am putting together a really great team right now to duplicate that here. I am also blessed to be a part of the new upcoming season of VH1’s Basketball Wives LA, so you can check me out on there! Just get ready, you haven’t seen ANYTHING yet! 🙂
A Special Thanks to Bobby Tinsley and  CTL Music Group for giving BTSCelebs this exclusive look BTS!
Image Source: All rights to the photos belong to Bobby Tinsley, CTL Music Group, and Jean Rah Fya Records.

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