My 3rdWaveMusic Album Review – 2010

Original Title:

Super Junior’s ELFs are included in

the “I Will Be There” album!

I wrote this article on October 28th 2010. Check out my first album review below:

Looking for the Day” is the special song Choi Si-won is sharing with his favorite ELFs!

The company’s Twitter states:

“Did you know that @3rdWaveMusic made the song ‘Looking for the Day’ w/ @siwon407 bc he wanted to make a blessing song for SUJU Elfs?”

Si-won wanted to do something for his fans so he has been performing this song on every  Super Show 3 tour date!

Now, are you curious about the entire “I Will Be There” album? If you stressed, tensed, and need something to help you relax….all while lifting your spirits. This album is for you!  Christian and Non-Christians alike will enjoy the positive and uplifting messages conveyed in each song.

Read POPSEOUL’s detailed explanation of 3rdWaveMusic’s newest release “I Will Be There” below:

Everything to Me – featuring VanNess Wu

This is a song about realizing what the most important thing in life is. VanNess helps us understand that his religion means more to him than anything else in the world. His soft vocals accompanied with the light rock music are almost like a sweet lullaby.

Awesome God

A true worship song! It has an upbeat melody that anyone can dance to.“Awesome God” does not need an explanation. The title describes it all. This track is one of the true stand out songs on the album.

Altar of Praise– featuring American CCM artists Lenny LeBlanc and Michael O’Brien

3rdWave slows things down with this ballad like single. “Altar of Praise” is asking the Holy Trinity (Christians’ belief system of the existence of God) if their offerings are worthy. They sing this track with earnest and deep emotion.

4.  I Will Be There

I Will Be There” talks about the assurance of one’s religion helping them in overcoming loneliness and mending a broken heart. It describes everlasting love for the listener.

5  You Created Me

Number 2 on my favorites list! Do you know why you were created? Brian Joo believes he knows the reason he exists. The singer explains his entire existence is to serve God. Also, he refers to his Savior/Redeemer as his friend whom he loves.

6. Sweetest Name-featuring Super Junior’s Choi Si-won

Choi S-won acknowledges his God as worthy of receiving all praise. He is joined by other very talented 3rdWave singers in praising the “Sweetest Name”.

7. I Stand

This song represents standing for what you truly believe in. The lead vocalists talk about offering their gifts (talents) and everything to their God.

Looking for the Day

Choi Si-won’s special song for ELFs.

This track explains one’s purpose in life. It is a song of anticipation for the day to praise.

Jesus is Coming Back

3rdWave’s artists form a choir to perform the upbeat rock song about Christ’s second coming. They express their joy to join him in heaven one day.

10 Closet Song

What do you desire? This song talks about one’s desire to develop a close relationship with their Savior and Lord. This is the true sweet ballad of the entire album. The smooth vocals and calming music can ease anyone’s tense nerves.

11  I Stand – (Alternate Version)

This version of “I Stand” has the same message as track number 7.  However, the vocalist is only accompanied by acoustic music.

What do you think?

In addition, to these great tracks… 3rdWave has new surprises and updates for their music lovers. IWIN (the charity they support to aid Africa children) will have a press release next week.  Super Junior member Choi Si-won is even planning to be apart of an upcoming holiday surprise for 3rdWave.  Details about this project have not been released to the public yet.

After reading about the album and the company updates, are you wondering what is 3rdWaveMusic’s real purpose in the music industry.

They are a Christian company headed by Pastor John Lee.  He wants his company to spread the love of God through their actions, words and music.

Pastor John Lee is quoted stating the following about their purpose:

“Our company is a music company that presently uses Asian pop stars to promote people to get active in Social Causes.  We believe in helping artists becoming role models so to build a platform for artists like Brian, Si-won, and Van to share our cause.  We have others in the pipeline but its top secret and we can’t get it out.”

Will your favorite recording artists be the next to be washed in the healing musical waters of the 3rdWave?  Maybe.

Until then, make sure you check out their new album ‘I Will be There” on and Itunes.

View the original article by clicking here

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