There was a “wonder” at 2AM in Chicago….

and it was none other than The Wonder Girls and 2AM!
BTSCelebs is continuing our flashback series with WG and 2AM concert in July of 2010.

Two of K-pop’s hottests and most talented bands made a stop in Chicago,IL, on July 7th,2010. The Wonder Girls World Tour made their second round in America’s Windy City and they completely blew us away.

The concert began with the morning band of JYPE, 2AM. These extremely talented vocalists remained very business like and straight forward with their short ( but stellar set of ) musical pieces. The stand out performances for the AM band were their hits “I Was Wrong”and “This Song”. They displayed their classy,yet smooth choreography for “I Was Wrong” and the band moved our hearts with “This Song”. 2AM is very different from their PM co-workers/family members. 2AM has a distinguished and classy sex appeal that made all fans swoon. The JYPE vocal band is very reserved, but they know how to entertain fans and extend their love through their soothing ballads. They did a fantastic job and Chicago would welcome their beautiful voices back anytime.

The Wonder Girls never cease to amaze Chi-town fans. Even though this was their second show in the city,they still delivered a refreshing and entertaining concert. The JYPE ladies stole the show with their hits “So Hot”, “Nobody”, and their latest ” 2 Different Tears”. We have now cried 4 Different tears of joy with their amazing return to this great city.  It was muggy outside, but the stage was on fire!  2AM ignited the flame and The Wonder Girls continued to fuel the fire!

Who were the stand out solo performances in this particular show?  It is almost impossible to choose between these five amazingly gifted young ladies, however, I have narrowed it down. Sun-ye’s  “senorita’s”  style to Lady Gaga’s  “Paparazzi“and Yenny‘s rendition of Duffy’s “Mercy” got everyone in the party mood. Sun-ye seemed very bright and cheerful when she took on the role of a “senorita” madly in love.Yenny, on the other hand, shared her joy with the audience when she invited everyone to clap along  to her plea for “Mercy“. Even though Yu-bin did a fantistic”sexy” rap number, I think these two ladies stood out the most.

The sizzling concert came to a close with the girl’s final number “Tell Me“. Although, Wonderfuls did tell them one thing,they wanted an encore! Of course,Wonderful’s wish came true when the ladies returned to the stage for the original English version of “Nobody“(minus the remix and chairs).

This show was so great it was out of this world! The JYPE bands are definitely K-pop royalty.  However,these musical royals temporarily made their kingdom the “House of Blues”.

Click here to check  out all the “wonderfully” early pictures here

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