BTSCelebs Interview with Mnet CEO Adam Ware – The Conclusion

BTSCelebs Interview with Mnet CEO Adam Ware - The Conclusion

K-pop will remain Hot!

Have you enjoyed our interview with the main man of Mnet America? Well, the fun isn’t over just yet. The conclusion to our three part interview series is here.

Find out how Mr. Ware got into K-pop and what specific moments working in the television industry he will never forget.

BTSCelebs: How did you get into K-Pop?

Adam Ware: Have always been interested into new music going back to my days as a DJ. Really like the energy and fun beat of some of the early K Pop acts. Very fresh sound.

Who was your very first band?

Wonder Girls. 

BTSCelebs Interview with Mnet CEO Adam Ware - The Conclusion

Please describe your very first K-Pop concert.

Went to a taping of M Countdown in Seoul. It was amazing…great energy and the in studio audience loved it. The whole atmosphere was fun…reminded me of when I went to one of my very first tapings as a kid of American Band Stand…way back in the day.

What was your most shocking news story? Most heartwarming story?

Yikes. That’s a tough one. I was the Chief Operating Officer at UPN and I remember the morning of 9/11. UPN didn’t have news, but we worked with our sister network CBS to bring a news feed to our affiliates across the country. It helped all of us feel like we were doing something. 

My most heartwarming story…hmmm…I love hearing about how appreciative people are when we can give them tickets to events and things. Far too often I think Hollywood people take tickets for granted. It really is nice to know that people appreciate it.

Last but not least, will your network include other ethnic programming in your line-up in the near future? 

Absolutely!!! We are committed to bringing programming to Mnet that reflects the diverse world of Asian pop culture. From K Pop to anime to indy short films and beyond. Stay tuned as we have some really cool shows in development. 

We send a Special Thanks to Hannah at Mnet and BTSCelebs Team members Anna and Kevin.

All rights to the images belong to CJ E&M, Mnet, JYP Entertainment/Jonas Group and The Wonder Girls. 

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