SM Entertainment: Chicago Auditions


The wait is over!

On February 20th, 2012, South Korean powerhouse SM Entertainment held auditons in the north Chicago suburb of Wheeling. They were trying to find the next singers, actors, models and composers from the MidWest!

People from all over the area traveled to the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago for their shot at fame.

I attended the auditions at 12:30 PM.  Family accompanied me to the location where I tried out for the composer/lyricist category. Finding Wheeling was not a problem we drove their in record time… find the actual center was a challenge. After getting lost (because online driving directions gave us the wrong street), we found the KCCoC thanks to asking local business owners where Capitol Drive was actually located.

We arrived at the location at exactlly 11 AM (one hour before my scheduled time). Organizers at the KCCoC told us that the actual event would not begin until 12:30 PM. They offered us the opportunity to sign in and tour their art museum and enjoy their library. I highly recommend visiting their art museum. They have paintings and pieces of South Korean history adorning the gallery. If you love historical dramas, you will love this museum!

The quaint library was located in the back of building with English and Hangul books/magazines. I glanced at a tourist booklet.

After waiting for about an hour, we headed outside and waited another 30 minutes outside the building the event would be held in.


SM staff greeted us and handed each auditioner a form to fill out. We were asked to fill it out and hand them back in to receive our audition number.  The SM staff was respectful and kind and did the best they could to control the crowd, however, a few moments of confusion ensued when it came to handing the forms in and finding a way into the audtion room.

They told us people scheduled to audition at 12:30PM will be first in line and everyone else should stay seated in the waiting room.

Did I make it in the audition room? No. Why? Because I was auditioning to be a composer/lyricist. I asked the orator who I should hand my demo CD too. She instructed me to give it to the SM reps at the registration table and I was free to leave.

I gave it to them and left the venue. My experience is short, but sweet! Whether I make it or not, I no it is against the rules to disclose that info…. all I can say is that my song (which I will refer to as “AB” is a really good song). I spent a few months putting it together and I’m happy I tried out.

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4 Responses to SM Entertainment: Chicago Auditions

  1. Isaia Robinson says:


  2. Fira Y says:

    hello:) i’m going for the global audition in indonesia as a composer.. but i live far away from the city where the audition will be held. and the plane ticket is quiet expensive. is it worth it if i just go there to give the copy of my song without meeting the judges? and were you accepted?

    • BTSCelebs says:

      Thank you for your message.
      I always say it’s worth a try.

      However, if it is too much of a burden on you. My advice would be to wait for another opportunity.

      Unfortunately, I’m not going to disclose my results on, (As I stated in the article above)

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