BTSCelebs Gregg Hunter Interview – Part 1

BTSCelebs: What inspired you to get involved with camps for low-income children?

When I was 17, I was invited to go to a summer camp for youth, but my family couldn’t afford the fee, so I had to decline. Then a caring person in my community offered to pay my way, and my life was changed dramatically as I began a relationship with God at camp that week.  I am passionate about providing that same opportunity for kids all across the United States – to raise funds for CCCA member camps to be able to host any child or youth, even if they can’t afford to pay.

What was your claim to fame?

I was a loud, obnoxious kid looking for attention and behaving badly in order to get it.

I have never attended a camp of any kind, please describe a day in the life of a camper:

Camps across the U.S. are very different from one another, but nearly every CCCA member camp includes an emphasis on outdoor adventures and activities, fast-paced fun and time to build friendships with their peers and positive adult role models. At Christian camps, there is a time to learn about God through short lessons from the Bible.

What are some activities the campers enjoy?

Again, all camps are different, but some have extensive waterfront activities, from skiing and wakeboarding to parasailing and canoeing; others have horse programs, mountain biking, ropes courses and rappelling, team competitions and great food. Often kids say they most enjoyed making new friends and talking with leaders about the issues of life that matter most to them. And the leaders listen.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

A Special Thanks to Gregg Hunter and Lori Lenz -Heiselman

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