(Greno) Minjae Lee’s Interview with BTSCelebs

BTSCelebs: What inspired you to become an artist?

Minjae Lee: It was something that just happened really. I enjoyed seeing someones cartoons and manga drawings one day and then started doing it myself and eventually it developed into the style I have today. 

How do you decide on a subject to paint/draw?

If it inspires, it inspires.

K-Pop is becoming very popular around the world, Do you have an idol crush?

I think many of them are very talented and very beautiful.  

Do you think drawing a singer could help your art’s popularity reach new heights?

Of course it’s what people do to bring their art to new audiences and a new series I am working on will feature some recognizable faces from film, music etc

How long did it take you to complete your most difficult piece?

Some pieces have taken over a year, off and on. 

What additional talents do you have besides art?

Have to leave a little for people to discover for themselves. 

Have you created any of your pieces in foreign countries? If so, where?

Israel is where I just recently started a piece the size of a shipping container, but it was only 80% complete. It’s HUGE!!!

What do you predict for your future in art?

I do not predict, but I hope more people see my art and enjoy what they see.

A special thanks to Ryan at Roth Management and Greno for the interview and images

To learn more about Greno (Minjae Lee) visit his official site by clicking here

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  1. Great blog post, that work is amazing. I am in awe and completely inspired.

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