Occupy Chicago Talks “Change” to BTSCelebs + Summer Giveaway

The political movement sweeping the United States is speaking with BTSCelebs.

Getting money out of politics is Occupy’s goal and Occupy Chicago representative Micah answered a total of 8 questions for  us about their purpose, mission and heart.

Next week, you can learn all about the Chicago branch of the movement and their support from local government.

All rights to the image to Occupy Chicago.

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*BTSCelebs Summer Giveaway*

The Occupy Chicago Interview will be BTSCelebs very first VIDEO interview! This will be the official launching of the new YouTube Channel. To celebrate, we will be giving away a $15 iTunes gift card to one BTSCeleber.

Trivia about our video interview will be the only way to win! Check in next week for your chance to score a gift card to digital summer entertainment.

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