South Korean Artist Greno (Minjae Lee) Mesmerizes BTSCelebs

Creative Artist Greno joined BTSCelebs in a brief interview about his current passion and occupation.

The talent, who is in his twenties, answered the following questions:

What inspired you to become an artist?

How do you decide on a subject to paint/draw?

K-Pop is becoming very popular around the world, Do you have an idol crush?

Do you think drawing a singer could help your art’s popularity reach new heights?

How long did it take you to complete your most difficult piece?

What additional talents do you have besides art?

Have you created any of your pieces in foreign countries? If so, where?

What do you predict for your future in art?

Check back next week for his answers!

To learn more about Greno (Minjae Lee) visit his official site by clicking here

Images courtesy of Ryan at Roth Management and Greno.

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2 Responses to South Korean Artist Greno (Minjae Lee) Mesmerizes BTSCelebs

  1. Cassandra Inocentes says:

    Excuse me, I’m doing an art project on Minjae Lee. So I was just wondering what type of art he does. Its as if it were like free form and organic put together, but I’m not quite possitive that I’m correct. So I’m just reassuring. Thank you.

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