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[Summer Giveaway] Win a McDonalds Gift Card

BTSCelebs is giving away 2 McDonalds Gift Cards (aka Arch Cards)! Summer is less than two weeks away. There’s no better way to kick off a new season than with a tasty giveaway. Here’s how you can enter: Follow @KimHyunJoongFan … Continue reading

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Win Free Artwork from Minjae Lee

4 people will win… will you be one of them? You loved my interview with him and art update in 2012 and now you can own a piece of his art! How much will it cost you? Not a thing. … Continue reading

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The Winners of BTSCelebs’ Autographed Adam Cappa CD Giveaway

Did you win BTSCelebs second giveaway of the year? First, I want to thank each and every one of you for entering. Your messages were very special and heartwarming. Adam Cappa is blessed to have fans like you. However, there can … Continue reading

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BTSCelebs Occupy Chicago Interview + $15 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway

Occupy Chicago representative Micah responded to the following questions: What is the origin of Occupy?. Who makes up Occupy Chicago? Are you college educated and what kind of job experience have you had over your life spans? What do you expect … Continue reading

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Occupy Chicago Talks “Change” to BTSCelebs + Summer Giveaway

The political movement sweeping the United States is speaking with BTSCelebs. Getting money out of politics is Occupy’s goal and Occupy Chicago representative Micah answered a total of 8 questions for  us about their purpose, mission and heart. Next week, you can … Continue reading

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Just Jared Jr’s Contests Are Legit!

Ok, I will level with you…I have won numerous K-drama DVD sets and Kpop CDs are easy to obtain too. However, anything in America…not so much. Winning contests in the USA is extremely hard and mostly impossible. Just Jared, on … Continue reading

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BTSCelebs uncovers giveaways!

We haven’t had an exclusive BTSCelebs giveaway yet. However, I can recommend one reputable contest….its via @KoreanTravel! I  have won my share of dramas, posters,etc…We all know some companies are legit,while others are shady. I can honestly say The Korean … Continue reading

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[BTSCelebs Giveaway Spotlight] Visit Korea!

Experience HallyuWood at its finest with a trip to the dazzling South Korea! BTSCelebs is focusing on the amazing giveaways the official tourism website’s twitter account [Visit Korea aka Korea Travel] is giving away I won the Haru CD featuring … Continue reading

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