New K-Pop Producer Jun Areia is Coming Soon to BTSCelebs

The veteran producer from Greece Jun Areia is Trophy Entertainment’s newest producer.

Areia, who has been making music since the late 1990s, joined Trophy to work with K-Pop artists Andamiro and Chi-Chi.

This summer, I was able to chat with him about his current work in the K-Pop industry. He graciously responded to questions like the following:

How did you become a music producer?

You’re from Greece, what is the music industry like in your country?

Who is your favorite  Greek recording artist?

What sparked your interest in K-Pop?

How did your working relationship with Trophy Entertainment begin?

What K-Pop hits are you working on now?

Walk us thru the K-pop recording process:

I have been interested in working BTS in the music industry, what are the odds of an foreigner (especially American) getting their song material on a K-Pop album?

Check back next week for BTSCelebs interview with Areia.

Click Here to visit Areia’s Official Website to learn more about him.

*Image courtesy of Jun Areia*

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