Jun Areia: “Trophy Artists Andamiro and CHI CHI Are My Priority Right Now”

Veteran producer and Trophy Entertainment’s newest addition talks K-Pop (part 2) with BTSCelebs! Find out what K-Pop hits he is currently working on as he walk us thru the recording process and much more.

BTSCelebs: What K-Pop hits are you working on now?
Jun Areia: Trophy artists like Andamiro and CHI CHI are my priority right now. As a freelancer, I’m making songs for pretty much everybody from f(x) to Big Bang and Miss-A. Getting those songs produced and released is another story as the higher you get in names the more the competition. Even in small companies there are a large number of songwriters working on songs. Resting for just one day could easily put your song out of the release no matter if recorded and produced. Except original songs, getting official remixes to work with (the upcoming CHI CHI “Love Is Energy” for example) pretty much makes every other remix I’ve been doing look pitiful. The production level, the crystal clear multichannel vocals, the opportunity to get that remix published, listening to the remix with the idols and its original producer… I can even get the idols to record a new phrase of the song just for my remix. After that, it is very hard to go back remixing a song which I don’t have any vocal source and no connection with its creators whatsoever. It has been though the way I reached here and I will never leave my fanbase disappointed. So after releasing the remixes under the “working on” section of my website, I will be attempting to get more official remix releases.

Walk us thru the K-pop recording process:

It all starts with a demo. If it is chosen by the CEO it will be given a chance. The singer will be given a day to practice the lyrics and then will be called in for recording. It is a very hard process that usually takes a while (a day) but it can get significantly more, especially in the case of groups. Directing the session is a nightmare as you will have to bring the best out of the singer. Except that it requires a lot of experience to make on-the-fly decisions about whether the phrase just recorded was good enough since monitoring the last recording seriously disturbs the singer’s pace. Personally, I also struggled a lot with missing Korean vocabulary needed to express all those billions of ways a single word can be sung. After the recording is perfected, there is a lot of engineering work too, involving fine-tuning each syllable pitch and time wise.

I have been interested in working BTS in the music industry, what are the odds of an foreigner (especially American) getting their song material on a K-Pop album?
While the music is everything there are two other very important factors that can significantly boost your chances: Understanding of the Korean culture and language and living in Korea. Korea isn’t the most meritocratic society and the production process is usually performed by a “family”-like team. In order for you to make it into the family you have to understand the culture, speak with them in their language and most importantly being here. Sending songs from abroad isn’t that bad but even if they are chosen, just the time and effort required to convey some little information then change it and send it back kills the production process. Your song will be out of production and replaced by somebody else’s, that is actually in the studio and worked out his version already. In addition, the more complete your demo is the more the chances.

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Click Here to visit  Producer Jun Areia’s official website to learn more about him and follow his projects.

*A Special Thanks to Jun Areia for the interview and photos*

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