Kim Hyun Joong’s Producer Steven Lee Brings The Party to BTSCelebs

“Let’s Party”!

The man behind hit K-Pop artist Kim Hyun Joong’s “Break Down”, “Lucky” and “Heat” albums has arrived to BTSCelebs virtual studios!

The K-Pop megastar Behind -The- Scenes not only works with Japan’s number one selling K-pop recording artist of 2012. He is one of  the industry’s finest go-to music men. Check out his introduction to BTSCelebs below:

“Hi, my name is Steven Lee, founder of STUDIO NES music production and a music producer/A&R at Essel Music Publishing. I’ve been working in J-pop/K-pop music industry as a music producer, and have worked with numerous successful artists in Japan & Korea such as; KAT-TUN, SS501, Hey! Say! Jump, Kim Hyun Joong, SHINee, Super Junior, Kis-My-Ft2, V6, TVXQ, Takizawa Hideaki, A-JAX, Sexy Zone, Wheesung, US5, Johnny’s Jr, W, Aikawa Nanase, Van Tomiko(Do As Infinity), Heo Young Saeng, Varsity Fanclub, Ian Thomas, Park Yong Ha, Biyuden, Lee Joon gi, Rainbow, 4Minute, Rain, Girls’ Generation, and many others. Please visit my production website for a full discography information.”

Next week, you can read his responses to the following questions:

How did you get your start in the music industry?
What are the steps in creating a hit song?
How many people are involved in the process of creating one song? What are their roles?
How long does it take to compose and complete an entire album?
With the recent global phenomena of K-pop, what are the odds of an foreigner getting their song material on a K-pop album?
What is the first feeling you have when you hear your song on the radio?**
Who do you want to write music for the most?**
What is your favorite time of day or night to compose?**
What is in your CD player right now? **
If you could take any Kpop act and make them famous worldwide, who would it be and why?**

A Special Thanks to Steven Lee for the quote and photo

**A BTS Thanks to BTSCelebs Team Member Anna for her interview questions**

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1 Response to Kim Hyun Joong’s Producer Steven Lee Brings The Party to BTSCelebs

  1. Mia says:

    How cool! I love both songs

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