Inspirational Rock Star Adam Cappa: A Review of “The Rescue”

This is the BEST rock music of 2012!

Adam Cappa debuted with his album “The Rescue” in March of 2012. The 10 track worship filled project is perfect for the world family. The stand out tracks to me were “The Rescue” and “From The Inside“. I loved the message the lyrics conveyed , as well as, the perfect music accompaniment. The album is spirit filled and Adam’s voice is truly anointed.

“The Rescue” is a MUST BUY!

Check out my complete review below:

The Rescue – This song is about asking God to rescue you. Life can get rough and impossible to maneuver thru, but that is exactly when we all need to just stop and ask God to rescue us. It’s never too late (or the wrong time) to ask God to deliver us from hardships, confusing circumstances, bad relationships and the like.

All I Really Need – If you need a sweet love song for your motion picture soundtrack, this single is for you. It is suppose to be about someone so infused or on fire for the Lord they can’t help but share it with the world. Only God can satisfy.

Washed Over Me – A pure worship song. It describes the true spiritual cleansing from being  born again. Adam talks about having his sins being washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ. The slow and dramatic musical accompaniment is the perfect track to use at the beginning of a church service.

The Only One – Who can you trust in this world? There is only one answer…. God. This single is about only relying on God for everything. The world may be deceitful, but God is always there for us to run to. A great up-tempo fast paced tune to listen to anytime of the day.

Sail Away – How much strength do you have? When you have done all you can and things still seem to difficult to achieve…. just rest in God. Adam’s slow ballad tells listeners to turn to God because He is the only one who understands. God can renew your strength if you trust in Him.

Perfect – Adam interprets God’s message to Christians thru this track. This powerful enlightening single expresses God’s feelings towards believers. It doesn’t matter how much you judge yourself… you are perfect to Him.

From The Inside – It does not matter how perfect you look on the outside…. is your spirit at peace? Adam’s lighthearted feel good tune digs a little deeper with the message that you will never be a positive influence or good role model without being saved. Christianity makes you “effective”.

Only A Glimpse – All of the blessings Christians receive in this life is only a glimpse of heaven. God’s faithfulness to believers on earth is only a fraction of what is to come. This is the second pure soft rock worship song. A great addition for worship leaders’  playlist.

What’s At Stake – It’s Christians’ job to witness to non-believers in the world. This a song about witnessing to the people around us. Eternity is coming one day and Adam expresses his disappointment in the selfishness of Christians lives. We need to stop wasting time and win as many people as we can over to the Lord. This a a mellow tune with a powerful message.

How Worthy – This is the third pure worship song on the album. It reverences and completely praises God. Adam praises God for His ultimate love. He anticipates the amazing gift of heaven that is promised in the Holy Bible. The song has very little music accompaniment, it is the closest to a acapella song on the album.

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*A Special Thanks to Adam Cappa, BEC Recordings, Lori from Merge PR, Steve Harpine from Flat Out Entertainment.* 

All rights to the videos belong to Adam Cappa and BEC Recordings

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