BTSCelebs Interview Guest – Catherine Davis: Abortion Abolitionist

Catherine is fighting to end the slavery of abortion.

BTSCelebs is mostly about the entertainment field, but this week an important topic (which was recently brought to my attention) is here to take center stage.

The topic is abortion and the expert to discuss this delicate subject is founder and president of The Restoration Project/activist for the Black ProLife Coalition Catherine Davis. She is also behind the newly released documentary “Runaway Slave“.

Next week, BTSCelebs will share part one of the compelling interview with Ms. Davis. She responded to the following questions:

What influenced you to join the Black ProLife Coalition and start The Restoration Project? 

Was their one moment in your life that compelled you to make the “Runaway Slave” documentary?

Why do think so many women abort their unborn babies?

What is the typical age range of pregnant women aborting their babies and do family members persuade their decision? 

The father is not always missing in action, why don’t some of the fathers step up to the plate or encourage them to give up their babies for adoption?

 Do you think race or income level plays a factor?

What can we do to encourage the women to keep their babies and give them a loving home?

*A Special Thanks to Catherine Davis and Lori of Biscuit Media Group for the image

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