Chrissa Villanueva Steps Down as “Hello Pop” VJ

Hello Pop! host Chrissa Villanueva

The winner of Mnet America‘s global search for a VJ in 2010 has parted ways with her K-Pop cable show.

On Columbus Day 2012, the peppy and upbeat TV personality Chrissa Villanueva posted an official goodbye message to her “Hello Pop” viewers via Facebook.

Below is her statement:

“Happy Monday Poppers!!!

Hello Pop has come a LONG way since we started back in the Fall of 2011, from shooting in front of a tiny green screen to having a BEAUTIFUL set. I, (Chrissa) have decided to move on and pursue another path in my career. (Cue hysterical crying and screaming)

With that said, I want to THANK EVERY. SINGLE. ONE OF YOU. for making Hello Pop what it has become! YOU are the reason why we created this show, to showcase YOU and YOUR LOVE for KPOP. Thank you for the amazing feedback that we get from you every single day here on our Facebook page, and at events! (Sometimes, even running into some of you at non-kpop related events and while shopping!) It’s amazing to see you all come together for one sole purpose, and surrounding ourselves with that kind of love and unity is so special.

I’m going to miss this show and YOU GUYS so much. THANK YOU for joining me, (whether from the beginning or now) on this crazy wonderful journey. THANK YOU for choosing me to be your host!

Once before I go, I encourage all of you to STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE. This show has taught me that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to, just by being myself. And this applies to you too! I want you all to do what you love and succeed in all that you do simply by being YOU. Because of this, it won’t be the last of me! I have so many projects in store, you have no idea! Please keep in touch with me on my Facebook page ( and my YouTube page ( and I ask you to join me on this new chapter of my life, because it’s going to be a very sparkly one, indeed!

So much love and sparkle to you all! And remember, Stay cool Popsicles!


BTSCelebs wishes Chrissa all the best in her future endeavours!
Don’t forget to relive BTSCelebs interview with Chrissa by clicking here for part 1 and here for part 2.
All rights to the image and quote belong to Chrissa Villanueva and Mnet.
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