Album Review – All Kings All Poets: “What We’ve Become”

It’s Relient K meets Oklahoma City!

On October 5th,2012, the new Christian rock band (hailing from Oklahoma) All Kings All Poets released their debut album “What We’ve Become”. Bassist Corey Keller and drummer Duncan Grantz are the duo behind the name. They have joined forces after years of being apart of popular rock groups A Sequence of Ghosts and Starlit Platoon.

“What We’ve Become” reminds me of Relient K’s hit album “The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek”. The project is produced by Cody Nichols (Rapture Ruckus, Sean Lee) and features The Dangerous Summer‘s AJ Perdomo for the single “What I Need”.

The album is 7 tracks of pure rock fun with a good message! Check out my complete review of “What We’ve Become” below:

Under These Lights – This song talks about wanting to change your ways. The singer is willing to give up everything to find the dream. He consistently asks to be taken home (which the listener assumes is heaven or the path to a righteous life on earth). The tune starts out like a screeching sound and continues with a steady upbeat rock sound and pronounced drum beat.

What I Need – Addictions (drinking and smoking) hasn’t satisfied the singer and his empty life meant nothing without God. He gets the chance to start over again. God has given him a new outlook and a new life to live. The 80s pop sound brings the past to the present.

I’ll Be Fine – After being broken by the world (worldly desires, lusts, etc), its time to return to God. An unforgiving spirit or bitterness won’t lead you on the right path to Heaven. You have to let go of everything in order to find the righteous road to Heaven. This single has electric, hectic sound with a powerful message.

Forgiveness – If we can all just find forgiveness everything will be alright. This is a song about crying out to God to change them and help them find a heart of forgiveness. A slower pop rock song accompanies this message.

Separate States – This single talks about their performances glorifying God. They perform in various locations for the One who fills their souls and keeps them alive. Nothing compares to their ultimate home with God, but they aren’t ready yet. The band has a long way to go in life before their do all God wants them to achieve in life.

Privilege – Falling in love may break your heart, but the soloist counts it as a privilege to have his heart broken by the girl he loves. He feels like it was destined for them to be together and he is willing to put his heart on the line. Love is worth it. “Privilege” is a guitar- driven ballad.

I’ll Be Fine (Acoustic Version)

*A Special Thanks to All Kings All Poets and Brian Issac for the photos and digital album to review*

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