Help The Victims of Hurricane Sandy

The New Jersey coast after Hurricane Sandy hit.

The world stands up to diseases. Now, we need to stand up and help others.

This week, North America’s East Coast was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Many people lost their homes and they are currently without shelter, food and their earthly belongings. They lost their usual way of life after the devastating effects of the storm.

American celebrities are gathering for the special “Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together,” which airs tonight at 8 p.m. [Eastern Standard Time] on NBC stations and streamed thru They will raise money for the victims of the storm.

How can we help? If you want to give during the hour-long special please Click Here for more information.

I urge everyone to pray earnestly, give money, food, clothes and whatever you can to the people struggling to survive after the storm.

If you want to send your prayers, kind words or money thru BTSCelebs. Feel free to tweet @KimHyunJoongFan with the hashtag #BTSCelebsSupportsSandyRelief 

All rights to the image belong to Gov Chris Christie and his administration.

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