Meet BTSCelebs iTunes Gift Card Winner, Rzibecchi

The Winner’s Circle begins!

On October 1st, 2012, I announced the winner of BTSCelebs very first giveaway.

Rzibecchi (his Youtube screename) won a $15  iTunes gift card for supplying the correct answer to the July trivia question. Recently, he shared the image above and message below with me for BTSCelebers.

“The Gift Card finally arrived after all the waiting! I already made my first purchase 😀:D . Thanks a lot, and greetings from Argentina”

Congratulations again to Rzibecchi!

Do you want to win your very own BTSCelebs prize?  Enter Today to Win an Autographed Copy of Adam Cappa’s CD “The Rescue” –

A Special Thanks to Rzibecchi for the photo and message.

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