Do You Accept Psy’s Apology?



Psy has been a household name in South Korea for quite some time. The rapper is known for being comedic and controversial at times. His 2010 single “Right Now” was banned by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in his home country. However, he has overcome the good and bad with numerous awards and the recent explosive global popularity of “Gangnam Style”.

Over the weekend, news about him being apart of an Anti-American song (and concert) in the early 200s rang bells across the USA. The lyrics about harming citizens in retaliation to a fatal American military accident is shocking and unnerving.

He has since apologized for his actions, but the alarming surprise is still ringing around the world.

I would like to know your thoughts on this issue. Please vote in the poll below to voice your opinion.

All rights to the image belong to Psy.

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