Robbie Gould: Husband to Honey Bear


Chicago Bears’ Kicker Robbie Gould has been engaged to his loving fiance since the Spring of 2012, and now he is adding a new title to his resume. Cheerleader!

The husband to be tweeted the following message on December 11th:

“Up and at em. Ready to get after this rehab. Ready to assume my new role as a honey bear…. Thanks to all my family, friends, fans, and colleagues for all your support. Best sports fans in the NFL. #BearDown”

Why is he referencing the Bears’ cheerleaders of the 1980s?

Robbie is on injured reserve because of a left calf injury. So, he is stuck on the sidelines for the time being. What better way to occupy your time than cheer for your team!

BTSCelebs wishes Robbie a speedy recovery!

All rights to the image and quote belong to Robbie Gould.

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