Mary Mary’s Sister Alana Atkins Weds Desmond Jamison

Goo Goo: " @lana_atkins and @desdjam"

Goo Goo: ” @lana_atkins and @desdjam”

Desmond: “My wedding had some of the coldest female vocals I’ve ever heard! @lana_atkins @OniTshA @ivelissej3″

Before you tune into the official wedding clips on Mary Mary’s WE tv reality show, BTSCelebs is sharing the twitter photos of the couple of the year, (Alana Atkins and Desmond Jamison). The Gospel duo little Sis married the man of her dreams on June 1,2012.

Mr. and Mrs. Jamison didn’t share much from their special day on the internet, but Alana’s sister (Goo Goo) and her in-law Ivelisse Jamison tweeted the pictures (above and below) of the couple after the wedding.

Check out the photos and wish them a belated congratulations via @lana_atkins and @desdjam.

Congratulations to Alana and Desmond!

Click Here to read my EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the Newlywed couple and view images from their wedding day.

Ivelisse Jamison: " Officially Hermanas @lana_atkins @desdjam @CJ_Jamison #Mrs.Jamison"

Ivelisse Jamison: ” Officially Hermanas @lana_atkins @desdjam @CJ_Jamison #Mrs.Jamison”

All rights to the images and quotes belong to @desdjam @THEEGooGoo and @IvelisseJ3.

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2 Responses to Mary Mary’s Sister Alana Atkins Weds Desmond Jamison

  1. roryg2008 says:

    Reblogged this on Roryg2008.

  2. Tania Evans says:

    I love your family and you from watching the show it’s my favorite show ever and so is the group. My name is Tania Evans and I’m from Brooklyn,NY may god continue to bless you all and Alana I don’t have to tell you that because you have plenty of positive role models to turn to for advice. The main role model we can always depend on is Jesus as long as hes the head of your union you will always be alright.

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