Soshified’s Soy: “The Fans in America Really Want Girls Generation to Come”

Welcome Soy to BTSCelebs!
Soy is the founder of the largest online international fan community for the K-Pop girl group Girls Generation (also known as SNSD). The 9 member group, who is managed by SM Entertainment, has over 200,000 members on Soshified alone. Soy has put together a total of 176 staff members and maintained an average of 10 million monthly page views on the fan site.
What does the successful fan girl CEO think about GG’s new hit single, what plans does Soshified have to celebrate the project and will SMTown ever perform a family concert in Chicago? Those questions and more will be answered when BTSCelebs interviews Soy from Soshified.
BTSCelebs: How did you start Soshified?
Soy: I became interested in Girls’ Generation in late December 2007. At the time, there wasn’t a reliable source for just solely the group. I wanted to learn more about them,as well as, meet other fans of theirs, so I decided to start The original name for Soshified was actually Soshi-Rolls but since it was taken, we decided on going with Soshified. From that point, we started the forum for the site and develop everything else years later:)
When did the opportunity to work with SM Entertainment and hold fan-meetings with Girls Generation arise?
The fan meetings with Girls’ Generation was the work of alone. We have no affiliations with SM Entertainment. Girls’ Generation just happened to have schedules the same weekend as the fan meeting we wanted to hold in America and was very enthusiastic about meeting the fanbase in America. Basically the timing was good. 
What do you think of GG’s new hit “I Got A Boy”? 
I enjoy the whole album actually. I Got A Boy is a very interesting track with a lot of layers so I never get tired of it. I’m already starting to memorize some of the lyrics. It’s my daily listen when I head to class.
Will Soshified have any “I Got A Boy” club activities (dance covers, giveaways, etc) this year?
Yes! We are in the works of holding multiple events this year in the USA. We’re also trying to promote the group on various radios and sites. The fans in America really want Girls’ Generation to come!
The “Bring SMTown to Chicago” group is very passionate about bringing the popular concert series to the Windy City, do you think the SMFamily or GG are interested in holding a family or solo concert here in the near future?

I have no say in that but I know the Girls always want to meet fans no matter where they are from. 

*BTSCelebs sends a special thank you to Soy and John from Soshified for the Interview.*

Click Here to visit Soshified’s Official website to learn more about this fabulous fan community.


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