The Words of American Idol Winners in 2013


Who will be the next American Idol?

“American Idol” premieres tomorrow on Fox. Now, I haven’t been a fan of the show from the very beginning, but I have to admit the audition episodes are the very best. They are hilarious and warms your home in the freezing winter months.

I may not religiously follow the show, however, I peek in every now and then. I know all the winners of the show by name….even if I can’t always remember the season they won.

The BTS fact of the audition episodes is that they are purely for entertainment purposes. When I auditioned in 2009, there were so many extremely talented singers at the first round, there is absolutely NO REASON why so called bad singers make it to the TV judges round (aka the 3rd round. I guess the only answer is to entertain you the viewer. I highly enjoy it!

Before we get ready to search for the next American Idol, let’s see what the former Idols are tweeting today!

Kelly Clarkson – Season 1 (@kelly_clarkson)


“Excited & honored to announce that I’ll be performing “America (My Country ‘Tis of Thee)” at the 57th Presidential Inauguration on Jan. 21!”

Ruben Studdard – Season 2 (@RubenStuddard)

Ruben Studdard

“As I wake up this morning I thank God for being God. Only he knows our destiny and I’m glad He’s in charge and on the Throne of grace.”

Fantasia Barrino – Season 3 (@TasiasWord)

Fantasia Barrino

“New Album out in March everyone it’s a great one as well.”

“Ok guys I’ll be back I have to get Zion from school no driving & tweeting at the same time.”

Carrie Underwood – Season 4 (@carrieunderwood)


“Woo hoo! In my car and heard “Two Black Cadillacs” on the radio…after that, I turned the station and heard it again!”

Taylor Hicks – Season 5 (@taylorhicks)


“It was not fun betting on the #Falcons. They played to lose on the second half.”

Jordin Sparks – Season 6 (@JordinSparks)


“Going through boxes of clothes that I thought I was gonna wear again once I unpacked. None of it fits! Whoooo! Gonna donate most of it! :)”

“In an hour, I made two @Pinterest recipes. Why, Pinterest? WHYYYYY!?”

David Cook – Season 7 (@thedavidcook)


“Lounging today, watching my favorite foreign-language film. Hope you all have a great day!”


Kris Allen – Season 8 (@KrisAllen)


“Glad we got a TV on the bus because I have to rest a lot on this thing but not so glad that it’s stuck on the worst movie channel possible”

Lee DeWyze – Season 9 (@LeeDeWyze)


“I signed with @vanguardrecords Couldn’t be happier 🙂 There will be a press release, but wanted to be the first to share with all of you!!”

Scotty McCreery – Season 10 (@ScottyMcCreery)

Scotty McCreery

“Wheeeeeeew wee.. Feelin goood. Its gonna be a sportscenter and couch day for me. Bring on the yogurt/jello/ and most importantly, ice cream”

“Didnt sleep, got to arena at 5:30 in the morning, and waited 6 n a half hours for one the greatest/hypest sports moments of my life!#GoPack”

Phillip Phillips – Season 11 (@Phillips)


“Tried to eat a lil healthy this morning and man do i wish i would’ve gotten a bacon, egg and cheese panini”

Watch the search for the new idol begin on “American Idol” season 12 at 7PM (CST) on Fox.

All rights to the images and quotes belong to the respective American Idol Winners and Fox.

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