Maahy: “I Just Hope… to Inspire As Many People As I Can”

Maahy-Princess Merida

BTSCelebs: What inspired you to become an artist?
Maahy: An attempt to draw a nautilus shell, back when i was 9. I remember it as my first ink drawing and i realized then, that art is the best way to fulfil my urge to create and share my imagination with others

How do you decide on a subject to paint/draw?
I’m always punched in the face by inspiration, every single day. Its hard to run away from it. If it stays in my head for too long, i would end up drawing it eventually.

K-Pop is becoming very popular around the world, Do you have an idol crush?

I think many of them are very talented and very beautiful.  

Do you think drawing a singer could help your art’s popularity reach new heights?

Possibly yeah.  It’s what many artists do to get exposed to variety of audiences. They also make beautiful and appealing subjects for a piece.

How long did it take you to complete your most difficult piece?


some have taken over 5 months, on and off. Depends really, on how i keep my self distracted from other things.

What additional talents do you have besides art?

I have yet to discover it for myself.  I’m content with the little i can do with  pen and paper. I have my fans and friends to thank for appreciating my work.

Have you created any of your pieces in foreign countries? If so, where?

I have created some pieces in Malaysia, for an art festival.

What do you predict for your future in art?

Maahy-tentacle bridea
I do not have any expectations. What happens happens. I just hope i go far doing what i love most, and inspire as many people as i can, to create art.

A special thanks to Ryan at Roth Management and Maahy  for the interview and images

To learn more about Maahy visit his Facebook by clicking here

Maahy-V5Maahy-owlg1Maahy-owl family6

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