Artist Koganchi Talks to BTSCelebs


Who is Koganchi?

Koganchi is an Artist based in Japan, I draw fine and creative work using Pigumapen.

Why did you choose art?

In Art, age or cultural differences don’t matter.

According to your website, you have sketched a number of animals, which animal were you most compelled to recreate on canvas?

Whale and Ancient creature.


Name one artist that inspired you the most:

I’m influenced little by little by lot of artists.
For example, Akira Toriyama manga artist, video game character,etc…

Why should people take a second look at Koganchi’s Art?


Please find the “diversity”, “interest”, “curiosity” from my art work.
It is very important to you.

What celebrity would you love to adorn their walls with your work?

Humans after 500 years

Koganchi_FuturePeople-20130220 (2)

A special thanks to Ryan at Roth Management and Koganchi for the interview and images

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6 Responses to Artist Koganchi Talks to BTSCelebs

  1. annikalove says:

    wow they reminds me on alice in wonderland

  2. roryg2008 says:

    Reblogged this on Roryg2008.

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