Tim Redmond Encourages You to Join The Ranks of President Obama, Oprah and Psy


President Obama, Oprah, Psy... what do all these people have in common?

They are all successful! Whether its politics, journalism or music, the people above have risen to the top of their chosen career fields and according to “Power To Create” author and businessman Tim Redmond you can join their elite circle!

BTSCelebs was given the opportunity to interview the motivational and inspiring author to discover the secret to success.

BTSCelebs: What was the name of your company?

Tim Redmond: Coaching/consulting company: Redmond Growth Initiatives

Non-profit training organization: Redmond Leadership Institute

The company I helped to grow from 2 of us to over 450 employees then sold to Intuit, Inc. was called Tax and Accounting Software Corporation

What are the steps you took to help your workforce expand from 2 employees to over 450?

1.       We focused on making our product offering irresistible. We were the leaders in offering high-end, powerful packaged software at a moderate price.

2.       We created innovative ways of alerting our target market (CPAs, bookkeepers, and tax preparers) of our products and make it very easy for prospects to interact with our company and experience our software.

3.       We aggressively and repeatedly marketed to our target market.

4.       We attracted and hired top graduates from 17 universities in our region and offered them top-notch leadership and technical training.

5.       We promoted our top performers and did not tolerate non-performers and those who lacked integrity.

 What prompted you to sell your business to a Fortune 1000 company?

The market was ripe for acquiring companies paying a premium price for  companies like ours and we wanted to take advantage of it. All of our goals we had set 15 years earlier had been met and those of us in top management wanted to pursue our next endeavor.

After selling your business, you founded Redmond Growth. Tell us about more about this organization:

We help leaders overcome obstacles that are slowing their growth and help them significantly growth their profits and bring greater balance, satisfaction and joy into their lives.

Redmond Growth Initiatives taps the sweet spot of my extensive business growth experience, passion and ability to work with entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners. Me and my team works with organizations of all kinds (especially businesses) to profitability expand the organization’s reach and impact while tapping the heart and passion of the owner to live out his/her mission and purpose in powerful ways. Personal and group coaching with me is a powerful, life-changing experience!

What steps should someone take to start a business with little to nothing in the bank? How can one step out in faith?

Many people are convinced (at least deep in their subconscious mind) that without money, they can not start a business or do anything of value. That is an unfortunate, defeated position. It is really a big lie that we buy into!

If you desire to start a business but have little to no money immediately available, begin to do what you can. Wealth and success flow from motion. Create motion of some kind in your life. Begin with investing into yourself by implementing some or all of the following:

·         Read and study books that explain how to start a business or provide more details about the type of business you want to start.

·         Read biographies of successful business people and see how they overcame challenges they faced, notice the decisions they made and the mindsets they developed.

·         Find mentors to speak into your life. As I explain in detail in the Power to Create book, don’t just ask for their insights and wisdom, be willing to serve them in some way.

·         As described in the Power to Create book, value attracts money. Focus on creating value where you currently are. Imagine that you are a consultant hired by the company you work for now and you have to justify why they should continue to hire you. Observe, ask questions, see needs, learn as much as you can where you are RIGHT NOW to create increasing levels of value. This is such a key to success in starting a business and is one of the main topics explained in detail in the Power to Create book.

·         Start small; most importantly start!

Describe your book “Power to Create” in one sentence:

It is a revolutionary way to redefine wealth, unleash your powerful creativity, and propel you to live your amazing God-given purpose.

Why should someone be compelled to read “Power To Create”? What does it have to offer Christians and people of other faiths?

This book takes a fresh, liberating, innovative approach to describing what God had in mind when He gave us the power to create wealth and provides practical strategies and inspiring, illustrative stories that equip you to approach life, challenges, relationships, purpose, and your finances from an empowering perspective. As the 50 leaders who endorsed this book stated, Power to Create will change your life!


*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Tim Redmond and Lori Lenz–Heiselman for the interview and images.

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