Val Warner Sets September Wedding Date


The wedding blows in on September of next year!

On January 24th, Windy City Live‘s co-host Val Warner announced her official wedding date on national television. Check out her morning show’s tweet below:

“SAVE THE DATE!! @Val_Warner announced that she will be walking down the aisle with fiancé Jeff on SEPTEMBER 13, 2014!!”

Val has been engaged for some time and fans of the daily ABC morning show have been highly anticipating her wedding. Well, the date has been set, now we all have to wait and see if we have been invited.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

All rights to the image and quote belongs to WCL, Val Warner and Jeff.

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7 Responses to Val Warner Sets September Wedding Date

  1. roryg2008 says:

    Reblogged this on Roryg2008.

  2. Lorenza Cleggett says:

    Has a new date been schedule or they still finalizing everything?

  3. Lee white says:

    Hi Val! Watched today’s show and I need to comment on the heavy thigh is u say u struggle with. Girl I just want to say, I think you ate as gourgious as you wanna be. The haters r out there because u r so”Fine”! My best friend and I always say how beautiful u are. Girl u are , quote, “BAD” and so together. And when you have the full package people will envy. My mom told me that I was different because I was talented and nice looking , with nice hair. So because I was anointed I would have people problems. So on that note, be who u are . Even my husband get jelious and says put down comments because I’m admired. But I just hold my head up and keep it moving . Lol! Oh , and my friend and I r not gay . Just putting that in because of today’s times and you don’t know us, we’er just intelligent enough to give a complement another woman. May God bless! Oh and you walked that isle again so somebody likes it .

  4. I told my wife I had to let you go because you were cheating on me with Jeff. But since y’all have not gotten married yet. I’m gonna consider allowing you to be my mine again. So we good.

  5. Jan Drake says:

    Why didn’t val Warner get married when she said she would in 2014?

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