Justin Chon Vs Kev Jumba: Superbowl Ad Spokesman


The Superbowl is this Sunday and its time to focus on other popular celebs on and off YouTube.

It might be too late for this year (let’s get a head start on 2014), but if you had a choice who would you choose to be in a Superbowl Ad?

Let’s place a spotlight on Justin Chon and Kev Jumba!

Justin Chon started his career in the entertainment industry. I think I remember him stating in a PopSeoul interview that his first role was on a commercial… possibly for a cell phone. Nonetheless, I loved his acting in Teen Nick’s Just Jordan and I was surprised when he opened a YouTube channel. The comedy there is geared more toward adults, but this actor is expanding his talents beyond the silver screen.

I’m not too familar with Kev Jumba.


I heard about him thru former websites I contributed too. He is a comedian that made his big break become a reality thru YouTube.com. According to his official website, his inspiration is Dave Chapelle and Kev uploads for a good cause.

” [He] started a second channel on Youtube called “Jumbafund” that he publishes videos to, and donates the proceeds he earns from advertising to charity,” Kev states on kevjumba.com.

Now, that you know a little more about these men and their specialties …the time has come to vote! The poll will be opened for one week so vote today….

All rights to the images belong to Justin Chon and Kev Jumba.

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