Matt Prokop, Baltimore Ravens and Edgar Allen Poe?

Matt Prokop & Sarah Hyland

Matt Prokop & Sarah Hyland

No….Edgar Allen Poe was not behind the blackout!

On Febuary 3rd, Disney star Matt Prokop shared some very interesting tweets about the Ravens win, the poetic meaning of their name and the popular Superbowl ads. He loves his football and he has the tweets to prove it!

Check out his Poe reference about the game below:

“Oh ya and the ravens are killin it….I wonder if Edgar Allen Poe is proud…”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his Poe joke! He is referring to the author/poet’s famous 1845 literally piece “The Raven”. The dark and supernatural poet knew nothing about the future football team, but you have to admit the blackout was a tad eerie.

What did Prokop think about the Superbowl ads?

“So far Doritos and m&ms commercials were amazing. Go daddy made me choke on salsa.”

All rights to the image and quotes belongs to Matt Prokop.

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