YouTube Launches A-Pop Channel


Psy did it!

YouTube is letting K-Pop, J-Pop and C-Pop of music from the Eastern world share their videos thru an all new entitled The Asian Pop Channel!

Hallyu Magazine had this to say about the new creation via Facebook:

“Youtube has launched a new channel called A-Pop in support of the growing demand of Asian music such as K-Pop, J-Pop, and C-Pop. To celebrate there will be Google+ hangout events where you can get a chance to live chat with a featured artist. This will start in March and according to the page some of the artists to have the Hangouts will be Wang Leehom, SHINee, Taiwanese band MayDay, 2PM, Japanese pop-rock band Flumpool, Kyary PamyuPamyu, and Super Junior.

If you need a little pick me up from this side of the world, check out the A-Pop channnel on YouTube.

All rights to thew image and quote belongs to SM Entertainment and Hallyu Magazine.

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