Album Review: Plumb’s NEED YOU NOW


Invisible (Save Me) – Do you want to travel to another world? That is just where Plumb takes you in this futuristic fantasy sounding track. She is asking to be saved. Who is she reaching out to… her husband, God or just something good? The message is not 100% clear, but the journey is mystical.

Drifting (with Dan Haseltine) – The Jars of Clay front man sings with Plumb on this single. They sing about getting lost in the world. This song can be about someone battling depression and thru all their despair they eventually see a glimpse of hope. The steady medium tempo rock song is the right dose of medicine.

Beautiful – This song expresses unconditional love a faithful husband has for his wife. She seems to be telling listeners her own love story of her marriage. This mellow 1980s sounding rock number takes you to a place back in time yet in the present.

One Drop – There is power in numbers. Plumb takes listeners on an uplifting journey to reaching your dreams. Anything is possible…all you need is patience and figuratively speaking… one drop. This upbeat and happy tune slowly brings music lovers out of the depressing Winter blues and into the brightness of Spring!

I Want You Here – This is personal song not everyone can relate to. She gives you a glimpse of her internal struggle with depression and panic attacks as an adolescent. Her faith in God helped her to literally breathe again. If you listen to the song for the first time, it sounds like someone coping with a death of a loved one or a break-up. The tune resembles the soundtrack to “Phantom Of The Opera” or a dark haunting stage play.

Say Your Name – A relationship is over and now you want them back. Plumb describes a person in her life who has left. You wait for them to come back, but they never do and you can’t get back what you had. This song sounds like a hit right out of the 1980s…. it would have been a good fit for “Pretty in Pink”.

Unlovable – Christians need to stop ignoring others needs… that is the message behind this song. Believers need to open their hearts to love everyone around them. God made all people and those in the church need to look around and see who they can help and show love to. This single has a classic CCM pop sound. It is sure to be a true radio favorite.

NEED YOU NOW (How Many Times) – The world’s bleak outlook and uncertainty makes you what to scream out to someone… but who? Plumb is crying out to her Heavenly Father for help. This slow tempo tune has a powerful chorus that screams to God.

Chocolate and Ice Cream –  Love completes her! Plumb describes her own fairy-tale with this track about the differences between her and her husband. She loves being the chocolate in her marriage. She refers to herself as the sweet candy and her hubby as the foundation of ice cream. You will fall for this young poppy pop (rock infused) single.

I Don’t Deserve You – God’s love is not what anyone deserves. This slow song is all about receiving the unconditional love of God no matter what.

Cage – A girl is hard to tame! “Cage” is about a woman’s personality and worldly desires. It describes a female who makes mistakes and is wild by nature and refuses to be in a cage. The erratic tune and lyrics to this song is a rock single fit for a teenage coming of age film.

At Arm’s Length – Don’t fight with love! Plumb talks about fighting with a loved one and not being as close as you want to be. Human reactions and barriers keep relationships from being what they are suppose to be.  This is another haunting song that leaves you with a strong message.

I Don’t Deserve You (with Paul Van Dyk) – This a remix of the song of the same title above.

“NEED YOU NOW” drops in stores on February 26th, 2013.

*A Special Thanks to Lori Lenz–Heiselman and Plumb for the photo and digital album to review*

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