Artist Jaeyeol Han: Graphic Design Interests Me

20130310_JaeyeolHan_Passersby, Colton Haynes

BTSCelebs: What inspired you to begin creating?

Jaeyeol Han: My interest in other people, the subconscious impression they make on me – that’s my passion.

What are your expressing thru your portraits?

My paintings show a distinction about the power of existence when complete strangers become objects of interest to me.

Out of all your pieces, who was your favorite to recreate on canvas? Why?

20130310_JaeyeolHan_Passersby, Self-Portrait, June

My favorite piece is always and without exception the piece I’m currently creating, working on.

Will you branch out into other forms of art like sculpture, pottery, etc?

Not at the moment. But contemporary art forms have increased so much I’d be surprised if I don’t, as you say, branch out in the future; Graphic design is one possibility that interests me

Can you see yourself painting Disney or other famous animated characters’ portraits  Which one would be your choice to paint?

The thought never occurred to me but if I ever meet Donald Duck and he wants to discuss commissioning me to paint his portrait I’d have to seriously consider it.

Which celebrity would love to adorn their walls with your artwork?

20130310_JaeyeolHan_Passersby, Distortion

You will have to ask them – I’m an artist, not a mind reader. But it would be someone who want to see into themselves.

Is there a certain movie or TV program you would love to see your pieces featured in?

BBC feature documentary on my work


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*A Special Thanks to Ryan at Roth Management and Jaeyeol Han for the Interview and Artwork Images*

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  1. just me says:

    Succinct, well informed, witty, passionate and ambitious too. Cant but admire your chutzpah.
    me, just

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