foreverJONES Talks to BTSCelebs – Part 2

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BTSCelebs loved interviewing this lovely family. Our interview is the true essence of Behind-The-Scenes.

If you are excited as I am for their reality series on Bounce TV, then you don’t want to miss part 2 of my interview with foreverJONES.

BTSCelebs: Please describe the filming day of your first holiday show: 

foreverJONES: The filming day of our holiday special was quite chaotic. However the chaos was good. The production team built a beautiful stage and decorated the entire home and it was completely gorgeous. We woke up the morning of the shoot, and began with interviews that morning. Around late afternoon, the hair and make-up team arrived and we began prepping for the taping. After about an hour of prepping it was Show time and we headed towards the stage and began taping the “Holiday Special”. Although the event was a lot of fun, everyone was exhausted by the end of the night.

I’m a big fan of Mary Mary’s reality series, but how will your series differ from theirs?

ForeverJONES shares a mutual respect for each and every one of our peers. Mary Mary has experienced great and well-deserved exposure through their reality show. One area of contrast between the two shows is in the amount of main characters. Where as Mary Mary’s show is about the lives of the two sisters both facing some of the same challenges in life, foreverJONES is based upon 9 different characters. Each character brings a different angle and perspective of life to the show. Also, Mary Mary’s show focuses on how they deal with the drama of their lives and music, and foreverJONES’ show will probably be more about the family experiences, lighthearted fun, and music.

BTSCelebs loves wedding stories and Mrs. D’ Jeniele’ Hooten and her husband make such a cute couple! Tell us the backstory. How did you two meet? How did Mr. Hooten propose?

Kim D'Jeniele' - studio_20130321

Dewitt Nate - studio_20130321

Mr. Hooten, Nate, was playing piano for the Shreveport Community Church when the family moved to Shreveport. From the beginning, he had his eye on D’jeniele’. After about a year of dating and a few breakups, the two decided it was time for them to tie the knot. After the band returned from a ministry trip to California, Nate, having been left behind in Louisiana suffering the temporary separation from the love of his life, took a knee and asked D’jeniele’ to marry him. And…she said yes!

What surprises do you have in store for Bounce TV viewers? Will there be any guest stars?

Well, if we told you, then there wouldn’t be surprises! Also, yes, TV viewers can surely expect to see a few guest/star appearances on the show. Overall, we hope that after every episode, viewers are left feeling as though they have received something of a more eternal value, and a new appreciation for families.

Domimique Dewitt IV - studio_20130321

**BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Daryl Bush and foreverJONES for the interview and images.**

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