Steve Harvey’s Collection Designer, Elysia Ganier, Talks Style with BTSCelebs


Welcome to BTSCelebs‘ Fashion interview!

Steve Harvey “Designing Moms Challenge” winner Elysia Ganier inspired women all over the country with her superb dress for the modern woman. Her functional day & evening gown is now available at K&G Fashion Superstore under Steve Harvey Women’s Collection.

Who inspired her to design? How long does it take to create and what was her behind-the-scenes experience on the Steve Harvey TV show? Discover the answers to those questions in part 1 of BTSCelebs’ interview with designer Elysia Ganier.

BTSCelebs: Who inspired you to begin designing?

Elysia Ganier: To her credit, my mother introduced the world of sewing to me. As a child, many of my clothes were made by my mother….but what motivated me to begin designing was when I learned how to manipulate the commercial pattern in a home economics course I took my freshman year of high school.

How long does it take you to create one ensemble?

There are many factors to consider, but on average, it takes me approximately two to three days to create one ensemble.

Tell us any behind-the-scenes information about competing on the Steve Harvey TV Show….. Was there a “wow” moment we didn’t see on-screen during the designing process? 

Karli Harvey modeling Ms. Ganier's dress

Karli Harvey modeling Ms. Ganier’s dress

Filming behind the scenes was a wonderful experience and as excited as I was for being chosen, I knew this was a competition and I had to “Bring It”. On day one, I was able to drape a sample of what my design was going to look like…..My wow moment came when I realized that I picked the wrong fabric and had to come up with a whole new design in less then 2 hours- using the same fabric. My original concept for the Steve Harvey Collection was to create an evening wear piece which is why my fabric was so elaborate. I later learned that the Challenge was to create a “Work to Wherever” piece. That was the very moment that all of my creativity sprung forward and I envisioned the winning look you see today!

Ms. Ganier responds to the following questions in part 2 of our interview:

Name five celebrities you would love to wear your new dress:  

Will you expand Ganier Designs to create stylish lingerie?

Will you design lingerie for Steve Harvey Women’s Collection in the future?  Reality fashion shows are hot on TV, Will there be an Elysia Ganier reality series in the works?

**BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Elysia Ganier and Anna Sowa for the interview and images.**

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  3. Cathryn Williams says:

    I love the dress, and according to Steve Harvey’s show today, it goes on the market today. How can I find out information about how much it is? And where do I order it from?

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