[Celeb Blog] Brittany Fletcher: I’ll Wed Gordon Beckham in a Rita Vinieris Gown


Wow! A Wedding is so much work!! As much as I’ve always dreamed of planning my wedding, I never had any idea that so much went into planning your special day. I definitely respect and admire all of the brides out there who have juggled both working full time while planning. It’s definitely been an experience that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, but it’s for sure had its ups and downs.

 I think that the most difficult thing I’ve experienced especially has been trying to plan a wedding while being in a completely different state. It definitely requires a lot more work than you would think. Although things can be challenging, you definitely have to just keep moving forward, and staying positive to the best of your ability. =) In the end, it’s not about all the wedding details that make the day special, it’s about being able to marry the love of your life.


Gordon and I are extremely excited to spend the rest of our lives together and especially can’t wait until our honeymoon. We haven’t decided yet on a location, but we definitely have some amazing places in mind. He said he’d like to surprise me, so maybe I’ll let him take care of that part. =)

 I know one of the best things about planning a wedding is when the Bride is able to find her dress, and I can confirm that I have found the perfect one. =) I had an idea of what dress I kind of wanted before going to look, but I wasn’t exactly 100% sure. After putting on a couple, I knew exactly the style I wanted. I would share a picture with y’all, but can’t let Gordon see, so y’all will have to wait too. 😉  I will say it is by #Rivini by Rita Vinieris, and I’m extremely blessed to have found such a flawless gown.

 I am actually meeting with my wedding planner in the next few weeks, so after discussing things further with her, I will be able to update y’all more on some of the wedding details. I am always open for any ideas that anyone has, especially anything crafty, unique and meaningful. Please feel free to share your thoughts, Gordon and I would love to hear y’alls feedback. Please feel free to ask any questions too, we would be more than happy to answer them.

 Brittany Fletcher

*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Brittany Fletcher and Gordon Beckham for the blog post and photos.*

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