Alexander Eusebio Starts Summer Reading Program

AlexanderEusebio_알렉산더 리 유세비오_20130506

Xander is starting his summer reading early!

The “3 Peas in a Pod” actor is inviting his Xanderettes (aka fans) to read the good book with him for 40 days. The former K-Pop singer tweeted the following messages on May 6th:

“Starting my “40 Days New Testament Bible reading program”~ Anyone wanna join me?? We could complete new testament in 40 days~Download “” app and choose “40 Day Walk with Jesus” at the program. I hate reading so I need audio bible to assist me~ =v= Join me! I don’t think I could do this alone so let’s do it together~ Let’s do this: Prepare some snacks, go to our room, n let’s begin, cool? Used to think that bible reading was boring~ Never thought it could be so easy n fun~ LOL~ I’ll start in 10mins! Bye! *preparing snacks* :D”

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Alexander.

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