BTSCelebs Interview with Executive Producer and International A&R NIDDY

niddylogo_20130507History is in the making!

The very first African American K-Pop recording artist is coming soon to the Eastern industry. After years of covering South Korean pop songs on YouTube (like Girls Generation‘s 2009 hit “Gee”), Pumashock (real name Natalie White) signed with Billboard Entertainment Group LLC. She is currently working on her first project to promote in Asia and BTSCelebs had the opportunity the interview the man who signed her….Niddy!

Check out my interview with him below:


BTSCelebs: Who is Niddy? 

Niddy: I am a Music Executive with Billboard Entertainment Group LLC located in CA. I also work as freelance Co. Producer/A&R/Consultant for KPOP Management company C-JES Entertainment Inc. USA. My company is currently making great strides into the KPOP industry in hopes to be apart of generating more interest for KPOP in the mainstream music industry in the U.S. NIDDY is a BRAND that I want the world to come to know and understand as the positive ambassador for world music in the U.S.

Why did you decide to work under a name so close to Sean Combs’s stage name?

I actually didn’t decide to work under the name because of DIDDY but it makes for a good fit. Sean Combs is one my idols as an Entertainment Business Mogul. DIDDY embodies all the qualities for innovation and brand expertise and I look to accomplish similar success as my career grows within the industry of music worldwide.

Why did you decide to create Billboard Entertainment LLC?

I noticed that so many artists domestically and internationally needed a company that had integrity also the understanding and professional background to offer services that met the needs of the indie community. So many indie artist and labels want to find success with their creative work and Billboard Entertainment Group can provide the services necessary to allow that process to have a successful start and ending.

How did you discover Pumashock?

I discovered PUMASHOCK while doing KPOP business in ATLANTA, GA. I heard about her from her sister while we where having a conversation about KPOP. Her sister told me my lil sister loves KPOP and has done quite a few things in the industry but had some negative experiences and that PUMASHOCK was not really sure what she wanted to do as it pertained to KPOP. So, I called PUMASHOCK and had her send me her package. When I saw the presentation and her links, I immediately said lets do this! Where do I send the contract! PUMASHOCK is an amazing young woman, artist and I look forward to her future.

What can we expect to see Billlboard Entertainment LLC release this year?

We plan to keep focusing on our long term goals in KPOP and being apart of the KPOP communities growth here in the states. I just ask that fans add me on and @niddybrand on Twitter for exclusive updates as their be a lot coming up in the near future.

*A Special Thanks to Niddy for the Interview and  Images*

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