Graphic Novel Review: Messiah: Origin


Take a virtual journey into the Bible.

Mark Arey, Kai Carpenter and Matt Dorff’s graphic novel about Jesus Christ’s birth and adolescence contrasts with John The Baptist. The two very different holy men are chronicled in this brilliantly illustrated slim novel.

The illustrations look more like portraits fit for a museum than a comic book. Some of the pictures are bright and beautiful, while others may be a bit creepy for younger readers.

Art appreciation and a hunger for the Holy Bible are needed for this masterpiece in a book. “Messiah: Origin” quotes bible verses and shies away from excessive filler info. They weave the four Gospels together and direct you to the original passages before you start each chapter.

BTSCelebs recommends this book for teens, adults, all comic book lovers and video gamers,

“Messiah: Origin” hit stores on October 9.

BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Lori from FrontGate Media for a copy of the novel for review.

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