Book Review: Melissa Tagg’s “Made To Last”


This is the best book of the year!

Lies and deception never turn into love, but in Melissa Tagg’s debut novel forgiveness changes everything.

The protagonist Miranda Woodruff is a woman raised on Christian values whose career is tangled in a web of lies spun by a failed love affair. After living with her fiance, Miranda was ready to marry the man of her dreams until he deserts her right before the wedding. His abandonment scarred her for life and the construction show she hosts.

Years after telling the public all about her pretend husband, her production team hires a man to take on the role. Things get turned upside down, when she struggles to stay on the air, while housing pretend hubby and a nosy reporter.

What happens when her real ex-fiance returns for reconciliation?

You have to read it to believe it in “Made To Last”!

BTSCelebs gives this novel 10 out 10. It’s appropriate for all ages and silver screen ready.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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Hi, my name is Kristy. I'm a longtime freelance editor/writer and self-published author. Thank you for stopping by my blog. :)
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