BTSCelebs’ Interview with director Darren Wilson, Confirms Lenny Kravitz in “Holy Ghost”


Happy Thanksgiving, BTSCelebers!

BTSCelebs virtually sat down for a chat with the influential “Father Of Lights” director Darren Wilson.

He discussed everything entertainment! From the Hollywood filmmakers and celebs he desires to work with…. to the sequel of FOL, BTSCelebs has got all the second helpings just for you!

BTSCelebs: BTSCelebs loved your film “Father Of Lights”. What inspired you to film such a moving documentary?

Darren Wilson: Well, as with all of my movies, it’s less about inspiration in the normal sense, and more that I just do what I feel the Lord is asking me to do.  Add to that my own comprehension that my (then) current understanding of God was probably somewhat faulty, and you’ve got a recipe for a film that really explores some of the main things and issues people have with God today.  All my movies are personal journeys from one point of understanding to another, and Father of Lights was no different.

Will there be a sequel?

Sort of.  I’m currently in production on a new film, called Holy Ghost.  It’s not a straight sequel, but it’s certainly in the vein of my previous films—everything is just ramped up on this one.  Better production value, better stories, better approach.  In fact, we’ve been able to film so much amazing stuff over the last six months that we’re actually going to be turning it into two separate films.  Holy Ghost should be released sometime around September 2014, with Holy Ghost: Reborn coming out around 6 months later.  And I can assure you, these films are going to blow you away.  We have filmed some truly historical things this time around.

If you had the opportunity to work with one hit filmmaker in Hollywood, who would it be and why?

I honestly don’t have a burning desire to work in the Hollywood scene, but the two guys I look up to the most are probably Spielberg and Peter Jackson.  But of course, who WOULDN’T want to work with either of them!  I love the style of Paul Thomas Anderson and the boldness of Scorsese, the grittiness of Tarantino and the coyness of JJ Abrams.  Basically, I want to surround myself with people who have a bold vision and the guts to go through with it.

Is your new animated series “Anointed Fighters” anything like the classic cartoon favorite “Superbook”?


Not at all.  It’s about as different of a faith-based cartoon that you can get, really.  We’re trying to deal with real issues that kids have, and make spiritual warfare something that every kid can understand and do—but always through the action and response of love.  Our sense of humor is a little weird, and hopefully people like it.  So far kids seem to really love this thing, even though it’s just a pilot episode.  But hey, it’s got humor, heart, and kung fu—not a bad combo!

Are there any outspoken actors or actresses you would want to be apart of your productions?

I recently became friends with Lenny Kravitz, who is a cool dude who absolutely loves Jesus.  Thankfully, he’s agreed to be in Holy Ghost, so check that one off the list.  Honestly, the people I want to meet are all musicians.  Tops on my bucket list is Bono, from U2.  He’s honestly the primary reason I do what I do and is the artist I look up to the most.  I studied the heck out of U2 back in my 20s, how they approached their art, God, the Spirit, and all of it.  And I tell my inner circle that I want to make movies like they make music.  Big, bold, movies that will change the world.

BTSCelebs is Thankful for Darren Wilson and FrontGate PR’s Lori for the in depth interview.

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