Album Review: Jamie Grace’s “Ready To Fly”

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So Amazing (prelude)Jamie Grace gets the holy winter party started with this simple acoustic intro. The short prelude briefly describes her desire to share songs that will propel the world to worship God.

Beautiful Day – It’s time to be swept away in God’s goodness. This happy upbeat tune talks about not missing a day to be in God’s presence to worship Him. This single is like a breath of fresh air.

Just a Friend (feat. Manwell of Group 1 Crew)– Don’t be in such a hurry to find the one! J.A.F is the perfect song for young people in a rush to start the perfect dating relationship or get married. Jamie describes the frustrations of a young lady who is sick of being friend- zoned. The pop-fused track reminds Christians the importance of waiting for God’s best.

Fighter – Get in touch with your inner country! Jamie empowers people struggling all over the world to keep fighting. Issues with finances, health, etc… facing people inspire the singer who continues the fight to overcome Tourette Syndrome herself.

Take a listen to this moving number below:


Little Ol’ Me – The happiness continues! In this song, Jamie expounds on her complete trust in God. She is amazed that He is writing her life story and making all her dreams come true. The fast paced song ends in a heavenly choir marveling at God working in their behalf.

To Love You Back -God has loved His creation for eternity, and we have the opportunity to love Him back. In this futuristic sounding ballad, Jamie is in awe of God choosing to love her before she even existed.

Do Life Big – Jamie sings about living life to the fullest. She shies away from encouraging others to live a selfish existence, but tells them to help people in this classic fast paced pop song.

Jamie: “If [Jesus Christ] was physically on earth right now I’d like to think He’d be doing life big…volunteering at elementary schools, serving at local church, doing missions trips, feeding the homeless, serving, loving, giving and thinking way less of himself and way more of other people. So every chance I get, every day that I live, I want to do life big.”

Every Bit Of Lovely – Ladies, throw away your insecurities! This happy tune reminds young ladies, who feel they are not anything special, that they are God’s extra special creation.

“I wanted to write a song that encouraged girls to think about how God created every single star in the sky, wave in the ocean, every mountain, every beach, every sunset and sunrise; then remind yourself that same God created you.”

I highly recommend you add this to your list of travel songs. Your road trips will be much more enjoyable with Every Bit Of Lovely.

White Boots (featuring Morgan Harper Nichols)- If you are a young person dedicated to the True Love Waits walk… this song is for you! People living in purity for God and waiting until marriage to have sex will feel empowered by Jamie’s country tune envisioning a happy married life. Jamie’s sister Morgan gushes about her great 3 year marriage that is centered in Christ.


 The WaitingGod will clarify everything in life if we wait on Him. The slow emotional ballad earnestly talks about relying on God to bring us everything we need in life (spouses, material goods, etc).

My First Love – Jamie reminds Christians that their first love is God. If you lack love in your life…  remember God demonstrates his true love for you everyday. No one tops God! MFL is a cutesy dance track that slightly resembles ForeverJONES’ sound.

“Minutes after I started singing “The Waiting” for the first time, God gave me this song. He truly used it to minister to me so that I wouldn’t feel discouraged about what I don’t have, but instead I could worship Him and thank Him for the love He’s already given me.”

*Always You“Other things in this world may try to compare to Christ, but in the end He’s the only thing that really matters. He’s the only One that can truly love us the way that He does.”

Jamie said it best! God’s love can not be surpassed by anyone on earth. Her adorable fast moving pop song about the Almighty’s love will compel you to sing along.

Ready to Fly (Avery’s Song) – This single is dedicated to a little angel named Avery. After Jamie wrote a song about not feeling grown-up at 18, her song was used at eleven year-old Avery’s funeral. The track is about always being ready for when God calls you to heaven.

*A Special Thanks to The M Collective and Jamie Grace for the photos and digital version of the “Ready To Fly” album *

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