BTSCelebs Celebrates 3 Years: Joowonmembers Soars with 8 Years


A year of new beginnings!

BTSCelebs shares its anniversary month with the very first K-entertainment fan club I created in 2006. This month marks the 3 year anniversary of the creation of the fabulous website you see right now. It all started with an article a week about behind-the-scenes info concerning extra work and opinion articles. Since then, BTSCelebs has grown into a go-to source for global entertainment news, reviews, interviews, and exciting tidbits.

Gojoowon_ 고주원_20140114

Joowonmembers is the only fan club devoted to exclusive news on actor and model Go Joo Won in the English language. For almost a decade, I have juggled college, numerous interning positions, BTSCelebs, and jobs…. while solely maintaining the fan club for the beloved South Korean star.

In honor of the anniversaries, BTSCelebs will be sharing a BIG secret about BTSCelebsCEO’s future plans.

The special announcement will be shared this week….so stay tuned!

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