Alicia Dennis on Writing a Book: “I Consider This Daily”


You have arrived at part 2 of BTSCelebs’ interview with Alicia Dennis.

BTSCelebs: Besides journalism, what was your dream job? 

Alicia Dennis: I was the executive director of Specialized Mobile Radio Wireless Operator Network and helped lobby Congress about wireless spectrum issues, including a Senate Hearing convened on the topic.  I really had fun doing that.  But if you mean what would BE my dream job other than journalism that I never had…acting.  Or farming.  Thinking I could have offered something to both those professions.

International music is so hot these days. Which foreign singer is your favorite?

I can’t answer this question without starting a big, messy, controversial debate with all my Austin musician friends, sorry. And SXSW is about to start (March 7) so I’d never hear the end of it and I’d be reminded of all the bands and singers I should have mentioned so it’s better for all concerned if I just don’t go there.

BTSCelebsCEO is starting to write her memoirs, have you ever considered writing your own book?

Yes!  I consider this daily.  You go, BTSCelebsCEO, you are a braver woman than I.  I’m not as comfortable being the story as I am writing other people’s stories and as into the facts as I am, not sure I want to share all my own deep, dark facts.  Also, it’s interesting the way that people remember their own histories and other characters’ in their histories takes on that can also be interesting, but I digress.

If so, what would your book be about? 

I think many of the stories I have covered as a reporter might make good books. Someday, I’m going to find time to write some of those. Otherwise, I’ve considered fiction or a collection of fictional short stories because while people can criticize your fiction, they really can’t dispute its truth.  Because its fiction.

Click Here to read part 1.

A Special Thanks to Alicia Dennis for the interview and images.

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