Project Inspired’s Nicole Weider to Release Free Memoir

NicoleWeider -02212014

From Lingerie to Leadership!

Positive female role model Nicole Weider plans to release an autobiography of her life in the lingerie model business and glitz of Hollywood. Members of her Project Inspired website will be able to read the free tell all e-book on March 24th.

The following quote is an excerpt of the official FrontGate Media press release about her upcoming memoir:

“While she achieved accolades as a lingerie model, Weider’s life took a dark turn. Her self-esteem slowly eroded as agents told her that she needed to lose weight and that her skin wasn’t clear enough, and as photographers showed her how they manipulate photos to fix the flaws of the most beautiful women in the world. After experiencing a period of deep depression, Weider opened herself up to God. And everything changed.”

Click Here to read the entire press release.


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