Alana Atkins-Jamison Gives Birth to Baby Girl Anala

Goo Goo: " @lana_atkins and @desdjam"

Goo Goo: ” @lana_atkins and @desdjam”

Mary Mary’s baby sis is a mommy!

Alana and her husband welcomed their sweet little girl Anala Jamison into the world just days ago. The proud parents tweeted all about their precious little bundle of joy this week…. especially her doting dad, Desmond Jamison.

Today, the new papa tweeted, “I’m overwhelmed by all of the love received by my family. my wife was amazing and our daughter is perfect in every way!!! God is good #Anala… My girl @lana_atkins is “G” for having our daughter with no meds #NoPunksOverHereCuh #JamisonClan #ToughAndSweetAtTheSameTime”

BTSCelebs congratulates the new parents on the arrival of their firstborn Anala!

All rights to the message and image belongs to Goo Goo and the Jamisons.

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